A few of the talks from JIMB's World Metrology Day Symposium are available via the links below.

For the complete event program, click here.

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In Pursuit of Perfect Genome Sequencing

Michael Schatz, Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Computer Science and Biology, Johns Hopkins University


Creating the Atomic Clock of the Genome

Marc Salit, JIMB Executive Committee; Leader, Genome-Scale Measurements Group, NIST; Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering and of Pathology, Stanford University



Genome-Scale Measurements You Can Trust

Sarah Munro, JIMB Executive Committee; Team Leader, Genome-Scale Measurements Group, NIST



On Standards and Synthetic Biology

Drew Endy, JIMB Executive Committee; Associate Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford University; President, The BioBricks Foundation


What Good is a Computer without a Keyboard and Display?

Christina Smolke, Professor of Bioengineering and, by courtesy, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University; Co-founder, CEO and President, Antheia, Inc.