SRM 2374- DNA Sequence Library for External RNA Controls

When ERCC  members developed the RNA spike-in controls, they contributed RNA sequences designed to mimic, but not interfere with, mammalian RNA. The result of this collaborative effort was SRM 2374, a set of 96 DNA templates used to make ERCC RNA control molecules.



ERCC control mixture products, derived from SRM 2374, are available through commercial sources. SRM 2374 is also available for purchase directly through NISTBy adding mixtures of ERCC control molecules to experimental samples, scientists are now able to evaluate the technical performance of gene expression experiments. Scientists use ERCC-derived performance metrics for this evaluation, which can be produced using the companion erccdashboard analysis software.


SRM 2374's Material Details includes the certificate of analysis, data and information files, and ordering information. Click here to view these materials.