Stanford innovators and industry entrepreneurs have joined forces with the measurement experts from NIST to create a new engine powering the bioeconomy. It’s called JIMB — “Jim Bee” — the Joint Initiative for Metrology in Biology. JIMB unites people, platforms, and projects to underpin standards-based research and innovation in biometrology.

JIMB's mission is to motivate standards-based measurement innovation to facilitate translation of basic science and technology development breakthroughs in genomics and synthetic biology.

By advancing biometrology, JIMB will push the boundaries of discovery science, accelerate technology development and dissemination, and generate reusable resources.


More than 120 people from Industry, Government and Academia gathered on May 22, 2017 at Stanford University for JIMB's World Metrology Day Symposium.  The program included talks about how biometrology will advance discovery science and the bio-economy.  Videos of a few of the talks are available here.

Academia, Government, and Industry must work together to define a new type of partnership supporting 21st century life sciences and biotechnology. NIST, by establishing a West Coast presence where biotechnology was born, will help ensure the United States remains a global leader in bioscience and biotechnology.