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Synthetic Biology Standards Consortium
Standards for building the bioeconomy.

The SBSC is an open and voluntary consortium consisting of private companies, academic researchers, and public entities convened and hosted by NIST. The objective of the SBSC is to collectively build the metrology infrastructure to support a fully integrated, global synthetic biology enterprise.

A robust metrology infrastructure for the field of synthetic biology will enable coordination of labor and reuse of materials, driving economic growth. Metrology products—standards, including reference materials; reference data; reference methods; and documentary standards—can enable business-to-business transactions at scale. The intent of the SBSC is to collectively establish infrastructure to support a fully integrated global synthetic biology enterprise.

The SBSC provides a forum for collaborative identification of technical standards through topical discussions. These discussions have given rise to cross- cutting teams focused on development of identified metrology products.

The consortium is open and welcomes new participants.